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How Should Bras Fit?

Deb Bates of MeMe's Foundations

Are you wearing the proper bra size? Wearing the right size bra matters and that is why MeMe’s Foundations wants to help you feel comfortable and confident in the bra you’re wearing.

The bottom line is your bra should give you support without being uncomfortable. If you’re having problems with bras fitting, you probably are wearing the wrong size and should get measured.

Common bra fit problems include:

  • The cups are too loose

  • The cups are too tight

  • The straps keep falling

  • The bra band moves around

  • The bra band is too tight

  • The straps dig into your skin

  • The bra band creates bulges

  • You fall out of the bottom

The breasts should not be spilling out of your bra in the middle, nor should they be pushing out towards the armpits. If this is occurring, you are wearing a size that is too small.

If you have gaps in the cups of your bra or they feel loose, you are probably wearing a size that is too big and need a smaller cup size. This is where the help from one of our bra fitting experts will come in handy!

How Bra Sizing Works

If you are wondering how should a bra fit, we are here to help explain how bra sizing works and why getting measured is so important. All body types are different and it’s important to take tha into consideration when finding the right bra for you.

There are two measurements that are taken, most commonly with a measuring tape, when getting a problem bra size. The first is the band size, or the number. This is your bust measurement. The second is the cup size, or the letter.

Finding the right bra size is critical for your own personal comfort and for support throughout your day. If you’re asking yourself, “Where can I get a bra fitting?”, our professional bra fitting team at MeMe’s Foundations can perform bra fittings in store for you to help you find your perfect fit. You can easily schedule a bra fitting consultation on our website.

How Should a Bra Fit?

Wearing a bra that fits you the right way is important for a variety of reasons. The first being that wearing a bra that doesn’t properly fit can lead to back pains from lack of support, or general discomfort. Another reason is that wearing a bra that doesn’t fit can ruin an outfit.

We want you to get the comfort and support you need! Bras should feel snug against the body, but still comfortable. Here are a few signs that your bra fits properly:

  • Your breasts can completely covered by the bra cups

  • You can slide one finger under the band of your bra

  • Your breasts sit midway between your shoulders and your elbows

  • The back and the front of your bra are level

What are Sister Sizes?

You may have heard of sister sizes when the topic of bras is discussed. A sister size are other bra sizes that are grouped together depending on their cup volume. Your sister size is equal to going up a band size and going down one cup size. For example, if you are a 36C, your sister size is a 38B.

Remember, not all bras are the same and some will provide different levels of support than others. In some brands, you may need a bigger or smaller size than another. Take these tips and tricks into consideration when bra shopping to successfully find the perfect bra for you. Make sure you visit MeMe’s Foundations to measure your bra size and for all your other bra needs!


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