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If you've had a bra fitting at MeMe's you might know there are different factors that can go into fitting and finding the right garment. MeMe's approach to fitting is simple in that we're here to help you find fabulous fitting undergarments. Every body is completely unique and so is every bra and bra style SPOILER ALERT: you could have multiple sizes. So what are some of the factors your bra fitter takes into consideration?

1. What You Want

The type of garment you're looking for matters. Different measurements are taken for different pieces such as: shapewear vs. a t-shirt bra. The style of garment is particularly important.

2. Your Needs

You might have a full bust, a bad back, a bun in the oven or recently out of the oven, can't reach the middle of your back, etc. Your bra fitter takes into consideration your lifestyle or what you might need the garment for and then can suggest certain garments or types that you might have not even known about!

3. Your Fit

Your bra fitter will definitely measure your band and bust, but that's not solely how they should be fitting you. Fit is so much more than a size which, like pants, can be different across styles and brands of bras. A good bra fitter will have you try on multiple styles, sometimes multiple sizes. This is why we caution using online calculators. There are some general guidelines to determine if a bra fits you well.

EVERY BODY IS UNIQUE (Full bust blogger Sweet Nothings preaches it here). You are NOT a cup size. Also important for mention: every body is consistently changing, whether it be big changes like having a baby or smaller changes like losing or gaining 3 lbs. MeMe's recommends getting fitted twice per year or every 6 months because of the changing factor and because your bras can only support you for so long, even with proper care. How often you get fitted is completely up to you; you're the owner of your body and we want you to feel confident and comfortable.

MeMe's does fittings by appointment. Each fitting appointment is complimentary and takes about 45 minutes. We suggest wearing a bra you currently like and a smooth top for an accurate fitting. Each fitting is personal, meaning the fitter will have full attention on you and full focus on finding you the right fit.

Call MeMe's (616) 676-3300 or use the online booking calendar the schedule your appointment. Note that we have store hours but we are very much willing to work around your schedule.

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