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> A big factor in that comes from the SQLite API which is great, but not at all what I'm interested in here. I'm not sure what you mean by this comment.  For example, you may be interested in writing to a JSON file, but the approach you've listed for that scenario doesn't work for writing to a file. > SQLite itself is designed to always succeed, or that's what its stated goals are. That's a convenient API that's easy to use, but not what I'm interested in here. The author's point here is that you will use it for writing to a file, and it will not do what you want. In fact, it can't do what you want. > A data-structure that can be directly stored and queried by SQL is exactly what I'm interested in, and what's provided by SQLite. SQLite provides a lot of query operations for working with data structures.  For example, to find all the rows in the database with a particular value in a column of some data type: SELECT * FROM Person WHERE Name = 'Dave' AND PId > 0; Or to find the first Person in the database whose name is David, using the above query as a predicate: WHERE Name = 'David'; If you're interested in operations that work with data-structures that are not themselves persisted in the database, then that's another project, using another database engine.  (SQLite may or may not be a good choice, depending on what that other database engine provides.  The post you linked to has plenty of information on how to do this, though.) It’s not hard to find yourself in the company of someone who has an opinion about you. Especially as you get older. You start to hear your own mistakes over and over, and other people do tend to talk about you. They’re more likely to talk about you the more you come off as a jerk, but they’ll still do it. Even when you’re doing well. When you’re making the right moves, and are in a good position. The problem is, you don’t like to hear it. You don’t like to hear that you’re a jerk. That you’re a jerk.




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